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Designed efficiency

Designed efficiency

Engineered with ResMed’s expertise in respiratory care, every Astral™ device is supported by quality servicing options and operational tools. From staff training and patient setup to ongoing maintenance, Astral comes with business solutions to help reduce costs and optimise staff resourcing.

Intuitive menus and training resources

Astral was built to help staff manage the pressures of a busy clinical environment.

Menus and setting options have been thoughtfully grouped for intuitive access, and displayed on a large easy-to-read touchscreen.

To minimise time and resources spent on training, Astral is packaged with a full suite of self-learning tools, including an electronic clinical manual, a quick setup guide, an interactive tutorial and a product tour.

ResMed also offers training workshops for further product familiarisation and tips.

Delivering quick setup

Organisational aids are also built into the ventilator. The Setup Assistant, QuickConnect™and Learn Circuit system make it easy for staff to provide consistent and accurate setup.

  • The QuickConnect single valve circuit means fewer connections are required, helping to prevent incorrect setup of the expiratory valve line and the proximal pressure line.
  • The Setup Assistant guides staff step-by-step to ensure the device is appropriately set up for each patient.
  • Learn Circuit is offered to determine the resistance and compliance characteristics of the circuit, ensuring accurate therapy is delivered. It also includes a device self-test, where the oxygen cell and expiratory flow sensors are checked and calibrated.

Pre-settable programs

Multiple therapy programs allow clinicians to preset and store programs for patients with treatment requirements that may change under particular conditions (e.g. day/night, with/without humidification, and stable/acute exacerbation). This enables quick transitions between therapy settings at the press of a button.

Minimising inventory and maintenance

With preventative servicing required only once every 2 years, and a pneumatic block tested to endure up to 4 years of continuous use, Astral has been designed for a long working relationship. This minimised down-time, plus the option of loan devices, means you’ll get the most out of your Astral fleet while reducing maintenance costs.

Astral’s comprehensive suite of therapy modes, and compatibility between leak and valve circuits as well as different patient interfaces, may also eliminate the need for extra devices, so you can cover more patients while streamlining staff training – all with one ventilator!

Warranty and servicing options

Because ResMed’s expertise extends from our products to our servicing team, you can be sure of having ResMed’s commitment to your business at every stage of your experience with Astral.

With a full 2-year warranty and a range of servicing options to suit you, you can focus on providing continuous care, and leave the responsibility of maintaining Astral to us.