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Confident care

Confident care

With a combination of modes, technologies and monitoring tools, you can trust Astral™ to support your patients in all care settings and at every stage of their condition.

Advanced ResMed technologies

Astral’s excellence in ventilation begins with having the best-in-class technologies for invasive and non-invasive ventilation. But what sets Astral apart is IntelligentAir.


IntelligentAir is the combination of an intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support mode (iVAPS), an intelligent-Backup Rate (iBR), and an automatically-adjusting EPAP (AutoEPAP).

  • iVAPS targets and intelligently maintains each patient’s alveolar ventilation.
  • iBR provides backup breaths only when needed to give patients maximum opportunity to spontaneously trigger the ventilator.
  • AutoEPAP automatically adjusts the expiratory pressure delivered in response to partial and full upper airway obstructions to maintain upper airway patency.

Together, IntelligentAir responds uniquely to each patient’s condition.

Excellence in non-invasive and invasive ventilation

Working with IntelligentAir, the following technologies can be fine-tuned, so you can tailor therapy on a patient-by-patient basis. The result is excellent patient–ventilator synchrony and comfort

  • Vsync leak management technology allows the device to estimate a patient's respiratory flow and tidal volume – if there's unintentional leak, the ventilator automatically compensates for it.
  • TiControl™ lets you set minimum and maximum inspiratory time limits on either side of the patient’s ideal spontaneous inspiration time.
  • NIV+ triggering technology detects even the slightest change in a patient’s breathing pattern – reacting in the earliest instance of leak to maintain precise triggering.

Versatile modes, circuits and interfaces for a broad range of patient conditions

  • Astral is home to 9 different therapy modes: (A)CV, P(A)CV, P-SIMV, V-SIMV, PS, (S)T, P(A)C, CPAP and the newly added iVAPS.
  • Delivering pressures of up to 50 cm H2O, tidal volumes from 50 mL, and respiratory rates of up to 80 bpm, it’s compatible with single leak, single valve and double limb circuits as well as multiple patient interfaces.
  • With these extensive capabilities, Astral is suited for a range of adult and paediatric patients and respiratory conditions, including:
    • OHS (Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome)
    • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
    • NMD (Neuromuscular Disease)
    • Chest wall disorders
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Neurological disease or trauma
  • And for patients requiring oxygen therapy, Astral enables flow rates of up to 30 L/min for a delivered FiO2 of up to 95%.

Easy-to-use monitoring tools

  • A large colour touchscreen enables quick and intuitive access to a variety of settings and features, and it can even be operated with gloved hands.
  • Real-time waveforms, including pressure and flow curves are available at a glance, showing continuous visuals on patient trends.
  • ResScan™ – ResMed’s data management software – enables clinicians to download and view 7 days’ detailed data and 365 days’ summary data.
  • FiO2 and SpO2 monitoring options are also available.

Alarms and features for patient customisation and added assurance

Astral provides fixed and adjustable alarms, categorised by priority, that bring patients and their carers to attention when needed. A dedicated disconnection alarm has also been modified to allow for further patient customisation.

An onscreen big-button has been included for quick access to start or stop ventilation, as well as to mute alarms. This feature is particularly useful for those with impaired dexterity or eyesight.