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AcuCare series

AcuCareTM series

ResMed’s AcuCare range of high-quality disposable patient interfaces for the hospital includes easy-to-use masks for noninvasive ventilation (NIV), and a high-performing nasal cannula for high flow oxygen therapy (HFOT).

AcuCare masks: For speed, stability and success in NIV

AcuCare masks are easy to select, set up, fit and remove. The combination of the masks’ 3D form-fitting headgear and proven cushion technology also helps minimise leak, reduce pressure points, and maximise comfort to help patients accept NIV and avoid intubation.1

Using common technology across our AirFit™ home care masks and AcuCare hospital masks, ResMed’s patient interface range provides comfort and minimal disruption to patients who need NIV therapy.

AcuCare high flow nasal cannula: For speed, stability and success in HFOT

The AcuCare high flow nasal cannula is fast and intuitive to fit, and is engineered to stay in place once fitted, providing speed and stability for built-in success in high flow oxygen therapy (HFOT).

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