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Swift FX Nano

SwiftTM FX Nano

SwiftTM FX Nano

This compact nasal mask is designed to deliver an improved user experience so your patients don’t have to compromise on comfort. The small and lightweight size aids to encourage ongoing compliance.

Swift FX Nano features minimal headgear and it also comes with a low-profile nasal cushion that provides natural breathing comfort. Its ball-joint elbow moves while the patient sleeps, and the SoftEdge™ fabric backstrap is soft and comfortable with simple-to-use fasteners for easy adjustment.


Key features

  • Soft and comfortable. The Swift FX Nano is soft and light where it meets the face, so the patient wakes up with reduced facial marks.
  • Whisper quiet. The air the patient breathes out is quietly released away from the patient and their bed partner.
  • Easy to use. The straps are easy to adjust, and they stay put once the patient sets them where they want them.

How to buy

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