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SwiftTM FX Bella

SwiftTM FX Bella

The Swift™ FX Bella is a nasal pillow mask designed specifically for women. Built with innovative bella loops that wrap easily and gently around the patient’s ears, the Bella is simple to wear and adjust. It also comes with the Swift FX for Her headgear, giving the patient a comfortable choice. Incorporating stylish pink highlights, the Swift FX Bella is designed to complement their personal sense of style.


Key features

  • Flexible. The Swift FX Bella's loops mean achieving a comfortable fit is even easier. It's also snug enough to let the patient freely move around while sleeping.
  • Comfort. Soft, narrow cushion with integrated flexible chamber makes side sleeping comfortable and maintains seal during movement.
  • Easy to use. The Bella loops also make it easy to pop on and off providing an additional option to accommodate a wide range of hairstyles.
  • Simple. The headgear buckle has clearly marked notches for easy adjustment.

How to buy

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