Compact full face mask
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AirTouch Clinician Video

  1. Watch this video to learn about the innovative technologies behind the AirTouch F20 as well as the best way to correctly fit patients.

Sizing the AirTouch F20

  1. To make crosswalking your existing patients easier, we recommend using our sizing guide – included in each AirTouch F20 box.
  2. The arrow of your sizing guide should align with the top of your patient’s nasal bridge. The segment of the guide corresponding with the cleft area below your patient’s lower lip will indicate their best fit. If a patient falls between sizes, we recommend selecting a larger option for greater comfort.
  3. The AirTouch F20 has three cushion sizes – small, medium and large. The modular design of the AirTouch F20 means each size cushion easily clicks into the same F20 mask frame. The AirTouch F20 frame is also modular with our new AirFit™ F20 series – allowing for easy swapping between foam and silicone cushions.

    Your patients can also download a copy of our sizing guide from the ResMed website.

Fitting the AirTouch F20

  1. Unclip EasyClick Magnets.
  2. With your patient holding the mask towards their face, slide the headgear over the back of their head.
  3. Reclip EasyClick Magnets.
  4. Once your patient’s headgear and mask are properly fitted, you can use the upper and lower headgear straps to help fine-tune their fit. Once airflow is initiated, your patient’s cushion seal will also further adjust to suit their features and deliver greater comfort.

    For additional information on mask maintenance and care, refer to our user guide.

Fitting the AirTouch F20

  1. Unclip the EasyClick Magnets.
  2. With the mask held against your face, pull the headgear over your head. Ensure the top of the mask cushion is sitting comfortably at the top of your nasal bridge. The bottom of your headgear should settle comfortably at the top of your neck and the top of the headgear would be sitting on your crown.
  3. Bring each of the EasyClick Magnets up to meet their corresponding clips on the frame.
  4. Adjust the tabs on the upper headgear.
  5. Adjust the tabs on the lower headgear.
  6. With your device still switched off, connect your device tubing to your mask elbow.
  7. Connect the elbow to your mask.

    To ensure your fit will work with your therapy:
  8. Switch on your device and position yourself as if you are to begin therapy (e.g. lying down in bed).
  9. Adjust the upper straps.
  10. Adjust the lower straps.
  11. Practice reseating your cushion – to do this, turn off your device, pull your mask away from your face, allow your cushion to reassume its natural shape, and then resettle your cushion on your face, with the top of the cushion sitting at the top of your nasal bridge.

Managing leak with your AirTouch F20

  1. Leak often occurs when your mask’s seal is compromised by movement or improper sizing.
  2. To find a source of leak, run your finger along the edge of your mask’s seal to find any escaping air. Once located, adjust your headgear.
  3. Resolve any leak in the upper part of your mask by adjusting your upper straps.
  4. Resolve lower mask leak with your lower straps.
  5. If leak persists, reseal by turning off your device, pulling your mask away from your face, allowing your cushion to reassume its natural shape, and then resettling your cushion on your face, with the top of the cushion sitting at the top of your nasal bridge.
  6. If leak continues, you may need a different size mask. Try our sizing guide or speak to your healthcare provider about getting a different size mask.

Cleaning your AirTouch F20 (Daily)

  1. Disassemble mask.
  2. If required, wipe your cushion with a CPAP wipe or equivalent (non-alcoholic) and then allow to dry. Important – do not get cushion wet.
  3. Rinse frame and elbow under running water. Clean each component with a soft bristle brush.
  4. Soak components in warm water with mild liquid detergent for up to ten minutes.
  5. Shake components in water.
  6. Brush moving parts of elbow and around vent holes.
  7. Brush areas of frame where arms connect, and inside and outside the frame where the elbow connects.
  8. Rinse components under running water.
  9. Leave components to air dry out of direct sunlight – making sure to squeeze the arms of the frame to ensure excess water is removed.

Cleaning your AirTouch F20 (Weekly)

  1. Disassemble mask. EasyClick Magnets can remain attached to headgear during cleaning.
  2. Handwash headgear in warm water with mild liquid detergent.
  3. Rinse headgear under running water. Inspect to ensure headgear is clean and detergent free. Wash and rinse again, if necessary.
  4. Squeeze headgear to remove excess water.
  5. Leave headgear to air dry out of direct sunlight.

    These instructions are for general information purpose only. For full details, consult the user guide.

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