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ResMed’s S9 VPAP ST device with iVAPS is a quiet and compact, noninvasive ventilator for nondependent patients who require the security of a backup rate and maximum pressure of 25cm H2O. With the iVAPS mode setting up patients on ventilation and treating their changing respiratory requirements is made easier. It is an ideal choice for reliable, cost-effective ventilation, when alarms are not required.


iVAPS is designed to maintain target alveolar ventilation by automatically adjusting pressure support. Easy to set-up, iVAPS also has an intelligent Back-up Rate (iBR), accommodating changes in your patient’s respiratory rate to help consistently meet the required ventilation target. iVAPS technology makes the VPAP ST suitable for hypercapnic patients with constant changing respiratory requirements.


Other features

  • Targets alveolar ventilation for stable gas exchange in a variety of breathing conditions.
  • Includes a Learn Targets mode to make it easier to set up with minimal respiratory expertise required.
  • Applies iBR only when needed, maximising spontaneous breathing while providing the security of a backup rate.
  • Includes Vsync leak compensation and TiControl™ to help improve patient ventilator synchrony.

How to buy

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