Wake Up To Sleep One Year Anniversary
Wake Up To Sleep One Year Anniversary
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ResMed's Sleep Apnea Support Community Passes One-Year Mark

Steady growth shows patients want to wake up to the dangers of sleep-disordered breathing

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 26, 2013 – Staying on therapy for sleep apnea can be a challenge for some, and it helps to have a partner. In the past 12 months, Wake Up to Sleep (WakeUpToSleep.com), ResMed’s online sleep apnea support community, has become that partner for tens of thousands of patients by providing the tools they need to stick with this life-saving therapy.

Wake Up to Sleep helps patients at every step of the treatment pathway, offering screening tools and a sleep apnea symptom test to help undiagnosed visitors decide if they should talk to their doctor about sleep apnea. Patients who are new to CPAP therapy can access educational materials about maximizing their experience, and can request a personal sleep coach who can answer questions and provide support. Wake Up to Sleep is also the portal for SleepSeeker, patient engagement software that allows patients to track their therapy data and set health and sleep goals.

In the 12 months since Wake Up to Sleep was launched, there has been overall growth in the number of patients joining the site, suggesting that patients are taking an active interest in their CPAP therapy. The site has also seen increases each month in the number of patients using SleepSeeker to monitor their own therapy data.

“Patients who are engaged in their own therapy are more likely to be compliant in the long run,” said Jim Hollingshead, president, ResMed Americas. “This decreases patient health risks, while also creating a smoother path to reimbursement for HMEs.”

Wake Up to Sleep and SleepSeeker are free for patients and can be accessed at WakeUpToSleep.com.