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Patients’ sleep apnea stories
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Sleep apnea stories

Patients can find it reassuring to read about the therapy journeys of other patients.


Barry's story

It was Barry’s wife Margaret who spurred him into action to seek treatment from his doctor for what turned out to be sleep apnea.

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Brian's story

Brian initially underwent exceptionally painful throat surgery to combat his sleep apnea — but it was not successful. He is now on positive airway pressure therapy, and uses an S9 device. Brian is a very energetic and dynamic personality with plenty of get up and go. As a successful businessman, he travels overseas regularly for work and leads a full and active life.

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Diana’s story

Diana didn’t fit the usual stereotype of a person with sleep apnea.

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Kevin’s story

After a serious car accident with his wife Sue in the vehicle, Kevin couldn't ignore his snoring and daytime sleepiness any longer.

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Matt’s story

Matt had felt tired for over a decade. His partner slept deeply and didn’t notice that he stopped breathing on average 34 times an hour.

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Disclaimer: Each member story relates to an account of an individual in response to sleep apnea. Their response is genuine, typical, documented and accurate at the time of the interview. However, each individual’s response does not provide any indication, warranty or guarantee that other people will have the same or a similar experience. Also note that responses to treatment can, and do, vary and not every response is the same.