ResMed offers a range of accessories and spare parts for our sleep apnea therapy and CPAP masks, devices and humidifiers.

Mask accessories

To make your therapy experience more comfortable and more personal, we've created a range of mask accessories that includes custom headgear, soft wraps and nasal pads. Our accessories are designed to help you live your healthiest life, in comfort.

This soft, comfortable silicone strip placed across the bridge of the nose helps alleviate skin discomfort while the patient is adjusting to therapy.

Alternative headgear for the Swift™ FX nasal pillows system, the Bella loops fit comfortably around the ears and stay out of the patients hair for easier hair management.

ResMed CPAP Mask Wipes are a ready-to-use, fast and easy cleaning solution for any CPAP mask.

The ResMed chin restraint helps prevent the patient's mouth from opening while they sleep which can prevent air escaping from the mouth.

Power supplies

Our accessories are designed to give you freedom, flexibility and peace of mind. Whether you want to travel light, run your device from a battery, or just need a spare, we have a power supply option that works.

ResMed Power Station II is an external long-life, lithium-ion battery that simply works alongside ResMed sleep therapy devices or ventilators.

Humidifier accessories

Humidification helps protect you from nasal congestion, a dry mouth and other symptoms during your therapy.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the device, the HumidAir heated humidifier offers relief from dryness and congestion.

Disposable waterless humidification for AirMini CPAP machines.

The SlimLine small diameter air tube is exceptionally light and flexible, which can reduce tube drag.

Device accessories


Slim hard case designed to hold and protect AirMini CPAP machine.

Premium carry bag designed to hold AirMini CPAP machine, accessories and your mask.

Designed for use with the AirMini CPAP machine, this bed side mounting system holds the AirMini in place while in use.