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In a 2007 segment on A Current Affair, Ken Duncan was dubbed “one of Australia’s most iconic image makers”.

Ken’s love affair with landscape photography spans more than 40 years, and although he often completes major projects in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, he has retained a very special love for his home country of Australia.  

Ken discovered he suffered from sleep apnea 10 years ago after his sister recognised the signs. Being a passionate Aussie, he was inspired to seek CPAP therapy from ResMed, an Australian company at the forefront of providing life-changing products and solutions to patients with sleep apnea and other respiratory diseases. Ken’s AirMiniTM CPAP device is now one of the first items he packs when he travels to locations all around the world and with his renewed sense of energy, he is very enthusiastic about encouraging fellow sufferers of sleep apnea to try out, and stay with CPAP therapy.

This is his story.



Ken speaks to ResMed about his CPAP journey

Watch as Ken discusses how he discovered he had sleep apnea, what led to him seek treatment and why he choose ResMed’s AirMini as his CPAP device.
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How did Ken Duncan find out he had sleep apnea? Play Replay

How did Ken Duncan find out he had sleep apnea?

What does Ken love about the AirMini CPAP device? Play Replay

What does Ken love about his new AirMini CPAP device?

Why Ken chooses ResMed and the ResMed Authorised Dealer (RAD) Play Replay

Why Ken chose ResMed to treat his sleep apnea and the benefits of working with a ResMed Authorised Dealer (RAD)

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The Big Picture - An Interview with Ken Duncan

Award winning landscape photographer, Ken Duncan was among the first CPAP patients in Australia to use ResMed’s AirMini™, the world’s smallest CPAP device. We sat down with Ken to discuss his CPAP journey from diagnosis to treatment, and how AirMini has allowed him to travel light whilst on location.

Can you give us a bit of an introduction to your work, and the man behind the camera?

I’m very lucky with what I do. I’m a landscape photographer, and I get to travel the world taking photographs. Tough job huh? I was actually talking to someone just recently who asked, “What’s your hobby?”, and when I told them it was photography, they argued that you can’t have your job as your hobby. I say, why not? Right now I love landscapes because there’s a lot of stress and problems in the world, and I find landscapes really bring the beauty of nature back into peoples workspaces or homes. I’m also doing a lot of work with the Aboriginal community. One of my passions now is ...

When I finally admitted I had sleep apnea after several years of broken sleep which left me exhausted most of the time, I was excited that ResMed, an Australian company, had a solution for me. I love my AirMini, which is so compact, I can take it with me everywhere. so these days, I always wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a challenge. And the new AirTouch mask is so soft, light and comfortable on my face that I hardly know I am wearing it.

Thank you ResMed.


Enjoy Ken's inspirational photos

On the road with Ken Duncan

Join Ken as he travels the world discussing photography, CPAP therapy, and the incredible locations he gets to visit as a landscape photographer.   

Ken in Venice Play Replay

First stop Venice, Italy.

Ken's equipment Play Replay

What does Ken take with him on his travels?

Ken in Haast's Bluff, NT Play Replay

Adventures in Haast’s Bluff, NT, Australia

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