Everything you need to know about the AirFit N30i

Introducing: ResMed AirFit N30i

Introducing: ResMed AirFit N30i

Everything you need to know

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If a sense of freedom and being able to sleep in whatever position you like is important to you, the new ResMed AirFit N30i mask might just fit the bill. 

Gone is the day of a front-end tube. This CPAP mask sports an innovative design that has the mask tubing attaching to the frame at the top of your head. 

If older mask designs worried you when you were sleeping on your side or stomach, then you'll be glad to know this mask is designed to help you sleep in different positions. Plus, with no front-end tube, you'll no longer have the feeling of something pulling on your face.

Existing nasal mask users will also notice this mask introduces a new type of cushion. Unlike a traditional nasal cushion, the new nasal cradle cushion covers less of your face to provide greater visual freedom and reduce the risk of facial markings. 

This mask also features a unique SpringFit frame with elastic ribbing that adapts to the size and shape of your head for a personalised fit. With only two sizes to choose from, sizing your mask is simple. 

AirFit N30i completes its feature set with fabric sleeves, Velcro headgear and a quick release elbow for comfort and convenience. 

According to user trials, AirFit N30i  is highly rated for its seal, fit and ease of use.1,2 A large majority of patients also claimed it as their mask of choice when compared with similar masks in the market.1,2

If you're a nasal mask or nasal pillows mask user and need a mask that offers more freedom, AirFit N30i may be the mask for you. And thanks to a 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee, you can take it home with confidence.


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