What are the different types of CPAP masks available?
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What are the different types of CPAP masks available?

What are the different types of CPAP masks available?

What you need to know

The most crucial thing when starting CPAP therapy is to find the right mask. A well-fit mask with a good seal will help ensure you receive optimum therapy and make therapy easier to adjust to. 

There are a number of masks out in the market at a range of price points, all with different mask styles, cushion types and features, so it can all be quite overwhelming. 

As various CPAP masks and their features are designed to meet different needs, it's important to do your research on how each type of mask works and whether or not they are right for you.


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What is a full face mask? 

A full face mask typically has a cushion that covers both your mouth and nose to create a seal over both airways. 

If you breathe with your mouth open or experience nasal congestion, you may need a full face mask. They are also more suitable if you are prescribed higher pressures as they are more tolerable than other types of masks. 


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What is a nasal mask?

Most nasal masks consist of a cushion that covers the entire nose between the nasal bridge and the upper lip. 

If you breathe through your nose and prefer a mask that covers less of your face, a nasal mask may be the answer. If you are a mouth breather, you can still use a nasal mask but may need a chinstrap to help keep your mouth closed. 


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What is a nasal pillows mask?

A nasal pillows mask is a lightweight and compact mask with tubular silicone inserts that go slightly insude your nostrils to deliver air. 

Because of their minimalist and low-touch design, they are a great choice if you like to read or watch TV in bed, have a lot of facial hair, or if you experience claustrophobia or facial markings.


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What are the other types of CPAP masks?

In addition to the traditional range of full face, nasal and nasal pillows masks are masks where the air tubing connects to the frame at the top of your head rather than to the front of your frame.

In the ResMed AirFit series, these masks are suffixed with an i in their product naming. One example is the AirFit N30i, which not only introduces the top-of-the-head tube design but also a nasal cradle cushion.

A nasal cradle cushion is narrower than a traditional nasal cushion and covers only the nasal area underneath the nostrils. 

Mask options

To help you find a CPAP mask that will fit and seal well, we've gathered together some of the best ResMed masks you can buy today and discuss who they will suit best. 

Some of these masks are also available in a For her variant, which is a range that's been specially designed to help women attain a more personalised therapy experience.

Full face masks

AirFit F20  

AirFit F20 is perhaps the best performing full face mask in the market thanks to its cushion design, magnetic clips and incredible quietness. Tested to securely seal up to the highest therapy pressures, it's the mask of choice if you don't want to compromise on performance.

AirTouch F20

Almost everything that has made the AirFit F20 so great has also been packed into the AirTouch F20. The only difference is that it swaps the silicone cushion for the UltraSoftTM memory foam cushion that's designed to adapt to your face and deliver unparalleled comfort.

Nasal masks

AirFit N20

AirFit N20 is a confident step up from its predecessor, the AirFit N10, with a number of innovations to improve seal and fit. Tested to fit a remarkable 99% of patients1, this mask hits the sweet spot between form and function. 

AirFit N20 Classic

If you who want the confidence of a traditional forehead support, the AirFit N20 Classic may be preferred. While it provides all the essentials, it misses out on a few features found on the AirFit N20, such as the magnetic headgear clips. 

Nasal pillows and nasal cradle masks

AirFit P10

AirFit P10 is the oldest and best-selling AirFit mask in this list and for good reason. It's unobtrusive design, easy to fit headgear and proven performance have made it the perfect mask for low to moderate pressure users.2

AirFit N30i

As the first model mask of the AirFit 30 series, AirFit N30i introduces the top-of-the-head tube design and nasal cradle cushion. It is ideal if you are an active sleeper, wear glasses, read or watch TV before bed, or if you simply want the freedom to sleep in different positions, including on your side or stomach. 

Choosing your mask

Choosing the right mask isn't simply about getting the right mask format. It's also about fit, size and comfort.

When you go to buy your mask, be sure to ask as many questions and try on many masks as you can. And remember that there's nothing wrong about changing to a different mask if the one you have isn't working. 

Some patients will adjust to wearing a mask to bed easily, while others will need some practice. If you need any mask advice, contact your local ResMed authorised dealer.


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