HumiCareTM D900

  • Adult and paediatric humidification system

    This product may not be available in all countries.

    Using a single heater base, the versatile HumiCareTM D900 provides both traditional pass-over humidification to support your routine patients, plus the unique benefits of CounterStream humidification to support your more challenging patients and those being treated with NIV, all in the one system.

    The HumiCare D900 delivers quality therapy with less risk of unnecessary alarms1 and at a lower cost of care. It’s part of a complete humidification system that includes a range of compatible ResMed ventilators and patient interfaces.


Key Features

  • Ideal for challenging patients. HumiCare D900’s CounterStream technology is especially beneficial for patients with severe congestion, as it helps provide better secretion management, and enables more effective mucociliary clearance.
  • Humidification from the hospital to the home. You can be confident that patients can continue receiving the same superior comfort and performance of HumiCare’s CounterStream humidification. It’s suitable for high dependency NIV patients at home, long-term invasively ventilated patients, and severely congested patients.

  • Easy set-up and operation with a large and bright LCD screen.
  • Pre-set configurations for short-term hospital use and adjustable settings to customise for longer term care or challenging patients
  • Choice of 30 day CounterStream chamber (C30) or 7 day pass-over chamber (C7).
  • Single heater base for all hospital and home care settings.
  • Backlit chamber to confirm operation (C30 chamber only).
  • Helpful quick shortcuts for main settings.
  • Alarms for peace of mind for both patient and carer.
  • Condensation and rain-out is minimised due to heated circuits

How to buy

Please contact our Customer Service department to order ResMed products directly from us or to find out if there are hospital distributors in your area.

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  • 01

    Internal bench testing of HumiCare D900’s CounterStream chamber during changing flow rates typically used in leak compensation.