AstralTM 100

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From initial setup in hospital to daily use in patients’ homes, every aspect of Astral 100 has been built with the quality of your patients’ lives in mind. 

Astral highlights

Greater freedom

Patients can feel confident knowing that Astral will keep them supported as they continue with the routine of their daily lives in or out of the hospital and home.

Confident care

Home to ResMed’s NIV technologies, Astral helps you provide ventilation that is comfortable, synchronised and responsive to each patient’s respiratory needs. And with several monitoring options available, Astral keeps clinicians informed with accurate information at all stages of a patient’s condition.

Designed efficiency

The award-winning Astral is engineered to address challenges of busy hospital environments. With customisable therapy programs and device features to support quick and accurate patient setup, Astral helps staff free up more time for patient care.

Key features

  Astral 100
Indications for use Life support for patients over 5 kg*
Single circuit with leak  
Single circuit with valve  
Double circuit  
Valve circuit therapy: CPAP, ACV, PACV, P-SIMV, V-SIMV, PS  
Leak circuit therapy: CPAP, ST, PAC, iVAPS*  
Manual breath  
Sigh breath (recruitment)  
Apnoea ventilation Volume and pressure
Preset programs 2
Pressure Range and Settings  
Delivered pressure (cm H2O) 2–50 (leak circuit)

0–50 (valve circuit)
Delivered tidal volume (mL) Adult: 100–2500 mL

Paediatric: 50–300 mL
Respiratory rate Adult: Off, 2–50 bpm

Paediatric: Off, 5–80 bpm
SpO2  monitoring Optional
FiO2  monitoring Optional
On screen 30 days of summary data

Real-time pressure and flow (25 Hz)
ResScan (via download) 365 days of summary data

7 days of detailed data
Alarms - a wide range of settable alarms are available including FiO2 and SpO2, when connected.  
Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 285 mm x 215 mm x 93 mm
Sound power level 43 ± 3 dBA**
Sound pressure level 35 ± 3 dBA**

*  iVAPS therapy mode is indicated for patients weighing 30 kg and above

** As measured according to IEC80601-2-12:2011

AutoEPAP video


Astral case studies

Astral gives teenager greater freedom

Patient: Celine       Condition: Tracheomalacia

Celine is almost 13 years old. Like most girls her age, technology means a lot to her, but it’s not the latest phones or iPads that are of interest. For Celine it’s a state-of-the-art portable ventilator that is most important. Read Celine's story



Ventilation at home - a reality with Astral

Home care provider: Gabriele Helms       Patient condition: Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Gabriele Helms has been helping ventilated patients to be managed at home for over 20 years. As a home care provider in Germany, she has successfully trained carers of over 350 patients. Read Gabriele's story



Astral’s data capabilities put small child on road to recovery

Patient: Baby K       Condition: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Baby K was born at 28 weeks gestation at the King’s College Hospital in London. His prematurity meant he had bronchopulmonary dysplasia and needed to be ventilated from the outset, resulting in an extended stay in the neonatal ICU. Read Baby K's story

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