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ClimateLineAirTM heated tube

ClimateLineAirTM heated tube

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Add a ClimateLineAir heated tube to your patient’s therapy system for even greater comfort. The ClimateLineAir tube is part of ResMed's Climate Control solution for the Lumis™, AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 series of devices. It is designed to maintain the temperature of the humidified air as it passes through the tube.

ClimateLineAir Oxy is a variant of ClimateLineAir that comes with a built‐in oxygen connector for patients who require supplemental oxygen. ClimateLineAir Oxy is 19 mm in diameter.

Learn more about humidification.


Key features

  • Thanks to a temperature sensor built into the mask end of the ClimateLineAir  tube, the air temperature is always monitored and maintained. The tube  temperature can be set to anywhere between 16 and 30°C. (60 and 86°F).
  • New swivel connection for improved usability.
  • The slim size of the ClimateLineAir tube offers flexibility, sleeping comfort and a  reduced risk of getting caught up in the patient’s bedding.

How to buy

Please contact our Customer Service department for a list of ResMed accredited outlets that distribute ResMed products.

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Note: If a ClimateLineAir Oxy tube is used without supplemental oxygen, make sure the cap of the oxygen connector is firmly attached.