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myAirTM is an easy-to-use web program that is available exclusively for users of AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 devices.* By allowing patients to track their nightly sleep data and through interactive coaching, myAir empowers patients to stay engaged with therapy – an important part of helping them stay compliant long term. And with patients more involved in managing their own therapy, myAir may help reduce callbacks and allow you to manage your sleep patients more efficiently. 

* With built-in wireless connectivity. Wireless communication depends on network availability.


Therapy at a glance

The dashboard section of the myAir website is where your patients can find sleep data from the previous day with intuitive icons and charts that make tracking therapy simple and fun. Patients also receive a myAir score each night based on a combination of four sleep factors: usage hours, mask seal, events per/hour and mask on/off events.

Coaching and reinforcement

Delivered via email or text message, myAir will send three different types of messages to patients:

  • All patients will receive educational messages designed to make therapy more comfortable and to build confidence.
  • When specific criteria are met, congratulatory messages will be sent to reinforce positive behavior.
  • Encouragement messages will be sent when specific criteria are not met to help motivate patients.

Educational tools

myAir's sleep library is a tailored collection of how-to instructions, videos and other support materials to help your patients on their sleep apnea therapy journey. It also includes personalised information based on their device model and mask type.

Documents for download

myAir brochure: Empowering patients to stay engaged with therapy (PDF 2.1MB)

myAir brochure: A guide to myAir notifications (PDF 650KB)

* Wireless communication depends on network availability