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Improved efficiencies
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Improved efficiencies

With ResMed Air Solutions, you’ll find what you need to optimise your workflows and increase your efficiencies – all while helping deliver better outcomes and comfort to your patients.

Cost-effective sleep screening

It all begins at diagnosis with patients using the ApneaLink™ Air home sleep screening device. apnoeaLink Air is a cost-effective and convenient solution, designed to screen patients for sleep-disordered breathing in the comfort of their own bedroom. Screening patients in their own home can help improve their experience and acceptance of the world of sleep apnoea therapy right from the start.

Easy setup and reduced troubleshooting

ResMed’s new AirSense™ 10 therapy device series has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. With no complicated menus or settings to navigate, patients can simply plug in their device and press Start. No time consuming training to worry about.

Each device is also automatically set to deliver therapy at the most comfortable temperature and humidity levels when used with ResMed’s new HumidAir™ heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir™ heated tube. This can help minimise the common side effects of therapy – such as a dry nose or throat – and increase compliance1 so that you have more time to focus on patients who may need extra support.

And with ResMed’s new AutoRamp™ feature with sleep onset detection, you won’t need to spend time fine-tuning your patients’ ramp settings, as every device is designed to automatically deliver therapy from the moment it’s needed. AutoRamp works by delivering a low start pressure to help patients fall asleep with ease. Then using its unique sleep onset detection capability, it responds by comfortably ramping up to their prescribed pressure the moment it detects they’ve fallen asleep.

A long term solution

As your patients’ therapy progresses, their requirements may change over time. That’s why ResMed’s cutting-edge technology has been designed to help tailor treatment so they continue to receive the therapy they need.

Using ResMed’s advanced AutoSet™ technology, the AirSense 10 AutoSet devices automatically adjust each patient’s therapy pressure as their needs change – hourly, nightly and from season to season – to deliver their ideal, lowest therapy pressure.

And with ResMed’s cutting-edge Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR) detection providing valuable insight into the continued health of your patients, you will be able to monitor their evolving condition at the touch of a button. The CSR detection algorithm has been designed to identify indications of CSR, which you can monitor using ResScan™ to quickly and accurately provide your patients with the right treatment.

For a fully integrated approach to patient care, prescribe ResMed Air Solutions products.


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