Replacing Your Equipment

To get the best results from your therapy it is very important to ensure that you replace your equipment according to the recommended schedule.

Mask Replacement

Mask pillows and cushions
Over time and use, the silicone on the cushion or the nasal pillow can become soft and not be as efficient.
Over time and use, headgear may become stretched and lose elasticity, leading to over tightening and discomfort.

Devices & tubing replacement

Disposable filter
If the environment is particularly humid or dusty, then the disposable filter won't last as long. Visual inspection is the key to determining disposable filter life.
Therapy device
If you are concerned that your device is not working contact your ResMed accredited outlet.
For maximum comfort we recommend replacing your tubing regularly.

Humidifier replacement

Humidifier water tub
Humidifier water chambers may become discoloured, cracked, cloudy or even pitted due to the mineral levels found in some tap and drinking water. As the material deteriorates, cracks may trap bacteria from moisture.
Heated humidifier
If you are concerned that your humidifier is not working, place the unit in warm-up mode and allow it to run for one minute. If the heater plate does not heat up in warm-up mode, contact your ResMed accredited outlet.

More about replacement support

With ResMed, you won't need to walk the therapy journey alone. We're here to offer help and support along the way, so you can get the most out of your ResMed product.