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Astral 150

AstralTM 150

AstralTM 150

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Astral is an award-winning, portable, life support ventilator designed with your quality of life in mind.

Astral won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2014 and also went on to win Australia’s Good Design Award.*


Greater freedom

With Astral you can feel confident you’re receiving ventilation that suits your respiratory needs, giving you the freedom to live life more fully. Astral has a small, sleek, sturdy design, and can give you the same high standard of ventilation at home that you would receive in a hospital.

Confident care

When it comes to life support ventilation, everyone’s needs are different. IntelligentAir is ResMed’s way of better measuring your unique needs and helping you meet your breathing goals.

Key features

  • Lightweight. Weighing just 3.2 kg, Astral makes it easy to be mobile.
  • Optional mobility bags. A choice of 2 mobility bags can protect Astral when you’re on the move. The bags’ transparent panels mean you can access the touchscreen easily. Broad, wide straps enable you to carry it comfortably over your shoulder or mount it on a wheelchair.
  • Easy to use. Astral’s menu is straightforward and intuitive. It has a large colour LCD display. The display gives your clinicians and carers essential information about your condition.
  • Pre-settable and saved programs. Because your breathing needs may change throughout the day, Astral can save multiple programs and settings. At the press of a button, you can switch to the pre-set program most suitable for you at the time.
  • Alarms.  Features fixed and adjustable alarms, including an advanced disconnection alarm for added reassurance. 
  • The optional Remote Alarm II can keep you connected to your carers when you’re alone.
  • Easy start and stop. A Big-button feature on the main display allows you to start or stop the ventilator, or mute the alarm, simply by touching the screen.

* Red Dot Design award winner and Good Design award winner 2014


Astral case studies

Astral gives teenager greater freedom

Patient: Celine       Condition: Tracheomalacia

Celine is almost 13 years old. Like most girls her age, technology means a lot to her, but it’s not the latest phones or iPads that are of interest. For Celine it’s a state-of-the-art portable ventilator that is most important. Read Celine's story



Ventilation at home - a reality with Astral

Home care provider: Gabriele Helms       Patient condition: Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Gabriele Helms has been helping ventilated patients to be managed at home for over 20 years. As a home care provider in Germany, she has successfully trained carers of over 350 patients. Read Gabriele's story



Astral’s data capabilities put small child on road to recovery

Patient: Baby K       Condition: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Baby K was born at 28 weeks gestation at the King’s College Hospital in London. His prematurity meant he had bronchopulmonary dysplasia and needed to be ventilated from the outset, resulting in an extended stay in the neonatal ICU. Read Baby K's story



Astral gave Tony the mobility to study and socialise

Patient: Tony Tong      Condition: High level spinal cord damage/trauma

Law Student Tony Tong was 22 when he received the devastating news that the cause of his underlying lethargy and weakness was a malignant brain tumour, an astrocytoma in the brainstem. Read Tony's story

Made to work together


Astral 150

How to buy

After receiving your official diagnosis, you can get your mask and device from your local ResMed accredited outlet. Find your nearest outlet here.

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