ResControl IITM

  • The multi-purpose clinical assistant

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    Offers a range of user-friendly clinical functions in one compact unit. Can be used locally or remotely to monitor and adjust ResMed flow generators. Ideal for the sleep lab. Capable of sending user-selectable flow generator signals to a polysomnography (PSG) system for review in parallel with physiological data.

    Two models: 7 analog outputs to the PSG, 3 analog outputs to the PSG.

    The outputs (monitor measurements sent by the flow generator) provide a greater level of flexibility. Measurements can include pressure, flow, leak, flattening index, tidal volume, and respiratory rate.


Other features

  • Real-time data display. Features a new larger LCD, making it easy to view real-time data. A zoom display allows clinically important parameters to be viewed from a distance and an angled stand enables the ResControl II to be positioned for optimum visibility.
  • Remote settings adjustment. Parameters can be adjusted remotely from a distance of up to 100 feet.
  • Onboard manometer & output to PSG. Has an internal pressure transducer that can be used in conjunction with other clinical data to monitor snore and flow limitation in both diagnostic and titration sleep studies (via a dedicated analog output to the PSG).
  • Convenient onboard manometer can be used with any flow generator to measure pressure, eliminating the need for a separate manometer.

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