EasyCare Online

Diagnostic and therapy management software

EasyCare Online enables clinical management of patients—from diagnosis to long-term, positive health outcomes via compliance monitoring—within a single online software application. EasyCare Online now works seamlessly with the ApneaLink Air home sleep testing device to provide a streamlined diagnostic software solution for sleep labs. By providing the ApneaLink Air to your patients, you can begin to efficiently manage each step of the diagnostic process.

Experience EasyCare Online for yourself. Or contact your ResMed representative to find out how you can incorporate the ApneaLink Air home sleep test and EasyCare Online software into your sleep

Centralized and secure

Securely store patient information in the cloud within EasyCare Online's HIPAA-compliant database.

Patient management

View your day at a glance and know instantly where patients are in the diagnostic process using the intuitive diagnostic dashboard.

Other features

  • Review up to five data signals within EasyCare Online and create diagnostic interpretation reports that are aligned with AASM and insurance guidelines.
  • Upload and store referrals, face-to-face documents and other files under each patient’s profile section for a comprehensive patient database.
  • Use manual annotation to review and make important changes to automatic scores when necessary.

Find out how you can improve your workflow by incorporating the ApneaLink Air home sleep test and EasyCare Online software into your sleep lab. Experience EasyCare Online for yourself.

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