NarvalTM CC

  • Discover the Narval difference

    ResMed’s Narval™ CC is engineered to offer patients greater comfort than ever before to help them adhere to therapy. A mandibular repositioning device (MRD) that’s designed specifically for the treatment of adult obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Narval CC uses an optimized articulation method that maintains the mandible in an advanced position, along the occlusal plane to providing superior patient comfort while enabling effective treatment.

    At ResMed, we believe that compliance is directly related to comfort. By decreasing bulk with the use of lighter materials, expanding tongue space and enabling freedom of vertical mandibular movement (so patients can still speak and drink liquids while in function) by design, Narval CC brings a different level of comfort to patients.

Innovative design

Most MRDs hold the lower jaw in a forward position to open the airway. With the innovative and unique design of Narval CC, the force of retention works along the occlusal plane (or patients jawline) to retain the mandible in a protruded position rather than pushing it forward, thus relieving stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The elevated articulation point allows the connectors to be parallel with the patient's jawline. This complements the physiological articulation, making the device more comfortable for patients.

Narval CC focuses retention on select teeth, relying on material friction and unique design to secure the device in place and maintain efficacy. This also promotes closed-mouth and lip seal for natural physiological breathing during sleep. The discreet design promotes comfort and compliance.

Precise fit

ResMed utilizes the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), also known as "CAD/CAM." This enables the highest degree of customization to suit the complex dental anatomy of individual patients.

Made of highly resilient and durable biocompatible polymer material, Narval is metal-free, flexible and lightweight. As a custom-made MRD, Narval CC is manufactured following each patient's individual anatomy, according to the clinician's prescription. Accurate impressions and a protrusive bite registration are all that are required to produce our precise fit.

Key features

  • Ultra light and flexible, it is one of the lightest devices on the market with durability guaranteed.
  • Easy to titrate, highly adjustable (15 mm protrusive range with 1-mm increments).
  • Efficacious results - In one of the world’s largest MRD clinical studies (multicenter) 84% of patients achieved successful therapy.2*
  • Excellent  compliance – in a recent clinical study patients wore their Narval CC 6.7hrs/night 6.6 nights/week.2
  • Rapid improvement on parameters of sleepiness and quality of life.3


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*Success defined as ≥50% decrease in AHI