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You may be aware that the S9 increases your patients’ therapy usage time by an average of 30 minutes. But did you know that for patients sleeping less than four hours, the S9 increased their therapy usage by nearly two hours on average? 1

S9 Series - More. Comfort.

In a recent study of 50 patients, all patients sleeping with an S9 device slept through the four hour compliance threshold - even the patients who had struggled most with compliance.1 For instance, 12% of the study participants were sleeping an average of 2.67 hours using their existing device. All of the 12% subgroup increased their sleep time to 5.43 hours on average with ResMed’s S9 device. 1

This new study is one of only a small group that demonstrates a significant increase in compliance based on device changes and provides real evidence that the S9 is a valuable tool in achieving and promoting patient therapy success


How does ResMed’s S9 give your patients a better night’s sleep?

    Four innovations to increase your patients’ sleep-through the night
  • Superior humidification with Climate Control. Patients report significantly less dryness and rainout with the S9, and find mask temperature to be much more comfortable. 1-2
  • Quietest motor on the market. The exceptionally quiet Easy-Breathe motor makes sleep more peaceful for patients and their sleeping partners by reducing both conducted and radiated noise.3
  • Uniquely comfortable Easy-Breathe waveform. Patients find the natural Easy-Breathe waveform more comfortable to breathe with and experience fewer wakeups with Easy-Breathe.
  • Stylish, user-friendly design. The sleek appearance and user-friendly full colour interface make therapy less intimidating and easier to accept.3-4


When it comes to sleep, every minute counts. You need a sleep therapy system that ensures your patients will sleep comfortably through the through the night for optimal therapy with the best possible outcomes.


Give your patient a system that has a record of increasing compliance---Give your patient a better night’s sleep

When it comes to sleep, every minute counts. You need a sleep therapy system that ensures your patients will sleep comfortably through the four hour compliance threshold and all through the night.

Pair the S9 with one of ResMed’s premium FX masks for a comfortable, quiet system to fit their lifestyle.

Learn more about ResMed’s S9 CPAPs, APAPs and VPAPs.


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