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Patient comfort and clinical control go hand-in-hand

Effective noninvasive bilevel pressure therapy to treat a variety of respiratory conditions  including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Combines increased comfort with a high level of clinical control.

Effectively manages patients with breath synchronization challenges associated with unique lung and chest–wall conditions.


Features and Benefits

  • Effective synchronization—the VPAP way
    • Vsync™ is a unique feature. It automatically minimizes any pressure loss due to leak, while ensuring reliable breath detection
    • TiControl™ provides minimum and maximum inspiratory time limits. These frame a ’window of opportunity’ to accommodate individual respiratory conditions
      Adjustable trigger and cycle with high, medium and low breath sensitivity settings
    • Treatment screen to optimize patient–machine synchronization
  • Extra comfort—enhancing therapy
    • Wide pressure range (2 - 25 cm H2O) gives you flexibility to manage a variety of disease-related conditions
    • Variable speed motor enables controlled pressure changes that are both responsive and comfortable
    • Adjustable rise time (ms) allows you to set the desired response speed for pressure transitions (EPAP to IPAP)
    • Optional integrated humidification module provides extra comfort 
  • Extra intelligence—managing therapy
    • Clinical Menu Results and Night Profile
    • Treatment screens  
  • Extra convenience—simplifying therapy
    • Interchangeable modules with AutoSet Spirit™ and S7™ Elite (where available) for learning and inventory efficiencies
    • Integrated humidification by adding HumidAire 2i™
    • High-resolution data management by adding ResLink





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