VPAP Tx™ Lab System - Overnight success

The VPAP Tx Lab system is ResMed’s most advanced solution for titrating patients, combining all ResMed therapy modes in one easy to use and convenient system.


The VPAP Tx Lab System helps you to gently introduce your patients to therapy. In addition, you can easily make changes to therapy, create reports and scripts, and upgrade to ResMed’s latest functionality enhancements.
The comprehensive system includes the VPAP Tx therapy device, Tx Link connection module and EasyCare Tx titration software .
EasyCare Tx software and the Tx Link are also compatible with other ResMed therapy devices*, offering alternative titration solutions when required.



VPAP Tx Lab System products

Titration therapy device.
EasyCare Tx and Tx Link
The easy and efficient titration solution.


(USA) * EasyCare Tx v1.02 is compatible with VPAP Tx™, S9 Elite™ and S9 AutoSet™
(ANZ ) * EasyCare Tx v1.02 is compatible with VPAP Tx™, S9 Elite™, S9 AutoSet™, S8 AutoSet Spirit™ II and VPAP™ IV ST
(Europe, Asia Pac) * EasyCare Tx v1.02 is compatible with VPAP Tx™, S9 Elite™, S9 AutoSet™, S8 AutoSet Spirit™ II, S8™ Auto 25 and VPAP™ IV ST

Easy and efficient for labs
  • Intuitive software with extensive, context-sensitive help—reduces training time
  • Easy upgrades—download new technologies, features and therapy modes as they are released
  • Mask fit—to ensure the selected mask has a proper seal before starting therapy
  • Prescription report—seamlessly incorporates the final mask, device and titration settings into a prescription template
  • Customisable default settings—enables customisation of therapy settings according to your lab protocols to achieve a consistent starting point for titrations


Better for patients
  • Gentle introduction to therapy
  • Guided mode transitions eliminate sudden changes in pressure and enable a smooth transition from one mode or pressure to another
  • Whisper-quiet operation makes it the quietest all-in-one lab system on the market


All-in-one titration system

Offering a choice of all ResMed therapy modes, VPAP Tx combines flexibility with consistent results for all types of therapies and patient groups. Advanced technologies such as ResMed’s patented Easy-Breathe™, TiControl™ and Vsync™ enhance various therapy modes.

  • CPAP: Fixed pressure delivered with optional EPR™ (expiratory pressure relief)
  • Enhanced AutoSet: Automatically adjusts the CPAP pressure in response to snore, flow-limited breaths and obstructive apneas* with optional EPR
  • Bilevel: Delivers two treatment pressures—one for inspiration (IPAP) and one for expiration (EPAP) in the following bilevel therapy modes:
    • S (Spontaneous): Senses when the patient is inhaling and exhaling and supplies the appropriate pressures
    • S/T (Spontaneous/Timed): Augments any breath initiated by the patient, but will also supply additional breaths should the breath rate fall below the clinician’s set “backup” respiratory rate
    • T (Timed): The fixed respiratory rate and the fixed inspiration/expiration time set by the clinician are supplied regardless of patient effort
  • VAuto: Automatically adjusts pressure in response to snore, flow-limited breaths and obstructive apneas*; pressure support (PS) is fixed throughout the night and can be set by the clinician
  • ASV (Adaptive Servo-Ventilation): Treats central sleep apnea and/or mixed apneas and periodic breathing


*Note: The advanced automatic algorithms in ResMed’s VPAP Tx differentiate between obstructive sleep apnea (where the airway is blocked) and central sleep apnea (where the airway is open but there is no airflow).

The VPAP Tx Lab System is installed by certified installation staff to integrate with your current PSG equipment. To organise an installation please contact you local ResMed representative.


Product codes
Tx Link and EasyCare Tx 25101


Americas 25102
Asia Pacific
Europe 25104
Germany 25105
HumidAire 2i  (polycarbonate)
USA 30902
Europe Group 1* 30903
Europe Group 2*




HumidAire 2i  (UDEL)

Asia Pacific


Europe Group 1*


Europe Group 2*



* Europe Group 1: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Other European countries

* Europe Group 2: UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway

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