ResScan is replacing AutoScan™

Not available in all countries.


Greater insights, better outcomes

Compatible with all ResMed treatment devices, ResScan is much more than a software program.

It's an easy and flexible patient management system providing excellent insights into therapy to enable better outcomes.


Easy: user-friendly experience

The ResScan system brings intuitive design to patient management.

  • Use one single software program for all ResMed treatment devices.
  • Transport data easily, either via the ResScan Data Card or via the ResLink™ module.
  • Let the unique Start Screen guide you through the software.
  • Download all data in one step.
  • Customize and save your preferred onscreen view of data.
  • Create custom report templates only the first time, to see what you want every time.
  • Email reports from within the software.
  • Flag patient follow-ups and review at a glance on the Start Screen.


Flexible: choose the solution to suit your needs

Access information directly or remotely.

  • ResScan Data Card*—with convenient mailback envelope.
  • Cable—with either the ResScan serial or USB adapter.*
  • ResLink module*—clips onto premium ResMed devices.

Choose the level of monitoring your patients need.

  • Standard monitoring: view trends up to 365 nights—summary data seen via ResScan software; some information seen on the flow generator LCD.
  • Nightly monitoring: view therapy changes up to five nights—detailed flow generator data seen via ResScan software.
  • Advanced nightly monitoring: view therapy changes with additional parameters including oximetry up to 30 nights—summary and detailed ResLink data seen via ResScan software.


* Certain features and functions apply to specific ResMed flow generators and are based on regional availability.


Replacement Parts

22203 ResScan USB Adapter (with cable)
22201 ResScan Serial Adapter
17952 Serial Cable
22207 ResScan Data Card Reader
22904 Spare S8™ Blank Module
22915 Spare ResScan Data Card Module
22212 USB SmartMedia Card Reader
22211 Card Reader USB Hub
1430050 Oximeter (with Flex sensor cable)
70275 Oximeter finger clip sensor
30954 ResLink
22905 ResScan Data Card 10 Pack


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