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Everything you should know about flying with your CPAP device

In the past, patients often had to go without their CPAP treatment while travelling on overnight flights. The new ResMed PowerStation II can power your CPAP for hours in the air. Its light weight and small size make it possible for you to maintain your treatment anywhere and you can arrive at your destination with the same relaxing night’s sleep you receive at home.

When PAP treatment is needed in-flight, please contact the airline at least two weeks prior to travelling to allow airline reservations personnel to obtain approval from the airline’s Medical Services department and check whether any special requirements or restrictions apply. Follow these recommended preparations:

  • Carry a letter from your doctor certifying your need for PAP treatment.
  • Obtain approval from the airline's Medical Services for use on the flight.
  • Carry a copy of the approval letter from the airline (if they provide one).
  • Carry a copy of ResMed’s statement of FAA compliance letter for ResMed devices.
  • Carry a copy of ResMed's travel letter for assistance in carrying your PAP device through security and on the aircraft.
  • Arrange seating close to a power source on the aircraft.
  • Confirm the type of power cord or adapter required by the aircraft.

Please note that many ResMed devices do not carry a label indicating their FAA approved status. Nevertheless, the devices indicated in the FAA compliance letter have successfully completed FAA testing as required for in-flight use. Final approval for in-flight usage, however, lies with the individual airline carrier.

Note: Humidifiers should not be used with PAP devices during travel, due to the increased possibility of spilling water into the tubing or into the machine.

For further questions regarding travel with CPAP, please contact us.

ResMed addresses which are close to your destination

In the event that you may require support for your CPAP device at your vacation destination, note the customer service phone number of a ResMed representative in your area. You can find the number either on this website or by calling your local ResMed customer service number.

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If you have any questions about travelling abroad with your ResMed device, one of our staff members would be more than happy to assist you, contact us here...

If you have a specific, individual health concern - especially one related to your treatment - please discuss it directly with your health professional.

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